Welcome to Woomera Labs!

If you’re a startup in the burgeoning fintech space and want to chat about your plans for world domination, DM me on Twitter!

If you are a commercial financial institution or central bank cynical about the hype around blockchain and cryptocurrencies but want to prep for what may lie around the corner, message me on LinkedIn!

Woomera Labs is inspired by the Australian aboriginal word for a wooden ‘spear-thrower’, an innovation that adds force and speed via additional leverage. [The word “woomera” comes from the Dharug language of the Eora people of the Sydney basin.]

That the South Australian township of Woomera also became the base for the Woomera Rocket Range Complex, adds colour to our belief in learning via experimentation.

Woomera Labs aims to advise fintechs, large and small, on technology leverage and transformational change in financial services. We are particularly interested in emerging models for the use of cryptographic tokens and currencies and distributed ledger technology to re-invent global payments infrastructure.

Principal Advisor Dilip Rao has over 40 years of experience with technology in banking and payment systems, most recently with Ripple Labs in New York, as Global Head of Infrastructure Innovation. He led business development for Ripple across APAC and the Middle East, securing banking clients for RippleNet. Dilip was also founder of the first person-to-person payments startup in Australia and has advised commercial financial institutions as well as central bankers and regulators. Dilip has spoken widely at conferences around the world.

Dilip holds degrees in Physics, Electrical Engineering and Business Administration. He is currently based in Sydney, Australia.