• DLT and Payments
    Over the last few years, I have engaged with both the ‘true believers’ in crypto and the sceptics. In this highly politicised debate, the opportunity to assess, objectively, what unique capabilities are offered by Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to design innovative payment solutions appears to have been swept aside. Of course, there are gaps (scalability … Continue reading
  • Designing with Digital Tokens: A Primer for Central Bankers
    Many central and commercial banks are now exploring the use of blockchain or more generally, distributed ledger technology (DLT) for the design of new payment systems infrastructure around the world. Native crypto-assets as well as tokens issued on DLT networks, such as Central Bank issued Digital Currency (CBDC) and so-called stablecoins, are being considered as … Continue reading
  • Hello world!
    What does one do after retiring from a dream job and a long career across three continents? A new website is a start – welcome to Woomera Labs and a new journey for me! I first set up Woomera Labs in early 2014 in the USA to incubate startups that might need help to engage … Continue reading